Stately Houses and Palaces


The palaces are private properties, so they cannot be visited, but we recommend that you stop to look at the details of their façades and to read the stories told on the signs that many of them have.

Ledesma has maintained a traditional town image, whose value resides not just in the various monuments it preserves – both religious, civilian and defensive – but also in the aggregate of all of them, in the lattice of streets, corners, squares and neighbourhoods which is all perfectly structured according to their function, and which give Ledesma the air of a historic town anchored in the past.

An important part of this are the various palaces and stately houses erected from the end of the 15th century onwards which are still standing within the walls: the Beltrán de la Cueva Palace, also known as Los Roderos House, Almenas House, Town Hall,López-Chaves House, Rodríguez de Ledesma Palace, Mayorazgo de los Paces House, Manuel García Godínez de Paz House, Padua House, Agustín Escudero de Dios House, San Nicolás House… are some of them.