Historic-Artistic Ensemble



Plan attached to the Historic
Site declaration in 1975.

In 1975, Ledesma was declared a Site of Cultural Interest, in the Historic Site category.

Despite its many, relevant heritage places, four of them have also been declared Sites of Cultural Interest -the church of Santa María la Mayor, the Puente Mocho bridge and the remains of the old Roman road on either end of it, the Romanesque church of Santa Elena and the Fortress-, Ledesma’s value is not just that of each of the individual monuments it preserves, both religious and civilian, as are its stately houses, palaces, bridges, city walls, castle, churches…, but in the aggregate value of the ensemble they constitute, which form, along with the rest of the houses, a lattice of narrow streets, corners, squares and neighbourhoods that is perfectly structured according to their function, places where time seems to have stood still, and which give Ledesma the air of a historic town anchored in the past.